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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Experiencing Healthy Relationships

We live in a world where physical and emotional promiscuity is very prevalent.  Guys engage in unhealthy, codependent relationships with women.  Some women strive to hold on to men who do not desire a commitment.  The culture of our day encourages individuals to simply date to marry rather than marry to date.  People want the benefits of marriage without the responsibility and the commitment that is inherent in the marriage union.  They want to enjoy the companionship, comfort, protection, and even financial benefit without entering the covenant that God has established for marriage.

Often though relationships that can only be defined as unhealthy, women are searching for any support and protection that men can offer, and men are in need of the nurturing environment women are capable of providing.  All of this toxic activity is being carried on in the name of dating.  And as a result, many people find themselves emotionally connected during the dating process, and subsequently they become quite devastated when the relationship ends.  Thsi is a dangerous situation in which to be in volved, because an emotional connectivity of this nature was designed for marriage only and not for a dating relationship.

See relationships and marriage the way God designed them:

1.  Men are to be the initiators and women are to be the responders when it comes to establishing personal contact with each other.

2.  Focus intentionally on developing healthy male friendships.

3.  Go through the process of self-examination and remember the principle of selflessness.

4.  Live by faith.

5.  A real friend will tell you what you need to hear - not just what you want to hear.

6.  Contentment should be reemphasized as another foundational element of having a balanced relationship that pleases God.

7.  Your love for God must be preeminent over all else.

Excerpt from "When Love's in View" by Dr. Conway and Jada Edwards

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