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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Christianity and The Single Woman

If you are an unmarried Christian woman, you are more blessed than you think.   Single women are in a very good position to truly fulfill God’s purpose for their lives.  Most importantly, God can use single women in His Ministry much better than He can use married women.  Our God loves devotion, complete devotion.  At the same time, He loves marriage, and a sense of family.  He knows that a married person is much more likely to be torn apart, because of the spouse’s beliefs or family considerations. A married woman has to make time for the family, so as to keep it strong and intact, which pleases God. But a single woman, is much more available for God to use.

The most important thing to realize is that, it will happen at the best possible time.  The best thing you could do now is to allow God to work in your life, allow Him to use you, while you are still available. Just relax and let Him be God. If you are stressed and desperate, you are also chasing/scaring away potential mates.
Enjoy being a single, independent woman. Chances are, once you get married, you will in one way or another miss your days as a single woman. A plus to enjoying yourself is that, if you do that, it will show, and that will attract some good potential partners. Everyone likes being around happy people; life can be stressful. Make yourself attractive, don’t be miserable.

Being desperate for a walk down the aisle may cause you to welcome anyone, or anything for that matter, that can promise that desired walk. So be careful not to be desperate.

Be yourself. You might not realise it, but being yourself is the best way to attract someone with whom you are compatible. This is because they will see some traits that they like in you, so they will get attracted to the real you. If you fake things, and present to the world, a different person to the one that you truly are, you are not doing yourself any favours at all. The person you attract will have to flea once he realises that you ‘lied’ to him. So, be who you really are, don’t be a fake. After all, what woman would want a man to love her because he thought she was somebody else?  Who wants to be loved for all the wrong reasons?

I wish you the all the contentment, success and growth that unmarried/single women could claim!

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