Thursday, May 30, 2013

#AlltheSingleLadies: Running from Loneliness with Overcommitment @MinisterCeleste

It is easy, as a single person, to become overcommitted and not even notice that it is being used to "stay busy" and avoid what may be "lonely" moments.  However, overcommitment is not productive.  In the alternative, perhaps, some of you know you are overcomitting yourself and want to get out.  Well here are some practical steps we can take:

Do not answer immediately. Pray about it, check your calendar, and seek godly counsel if necessary. You may also try screening your calls to avoid feeling pressured into giving an immediate response.

Count the cost. Ask yourself: Is committing to this activity/performing this favor going to cut into my time with God, my family, or my partner? Will I be making a one-time commitment, or will this become an on-going responsibility?

Pray. God doesn’t intend for you to do everything.

If you do accept, communicate your limitations.  Don’t assume that people know your limitations. Make them known up front to avoid being overstretched and volunteering more time than you have to give.

If you don’t accept, give them a lead. If you decline an opportunity to serve, perhaps you can still assist by suggesting someone else who might be able to help.

Don’t feel guilty about your well-considered decision. You don’t have to justify or explain why you can’t do it. Just say no graciously and trust that God will provide the right person to fill the role.