Saturday, April 20, 2013

#AlltheSingleLadies: Waiting as an Opportunity, @TheSISTAHSMinistry, @MinisterCeleste

Waiting is an opportunity for God to purify and perfect His will in my life. The longer you wait, the more time you can invest in becoming Christ like as a single woman.
Everyday is an opportunity to be refined in Gods fiery love. Everyday is an opportunity to say yes to love and no to fear. Everyday is an opportunity to go deeper in Gods love.
When you begin looking at waiting as an opportunity to be purified and refined for a possible spouse life becomes an adventure. Instead of dreading each new day, wondering if every person you see is “the one”. You can start living, you choose to see the beauty in each and everyday knowing that it is shaping you to be who God called you to be. [First and foremost a lover of God]
The journey to one day become a wife starts now.
Today matters.

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