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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Good Women with Bad Men

Good women have great things going for them but for some reason many end up with the short end of the stick in relationships.  It is not surprising to find most of these good women are very faithful, loyal, strong in spirit and mightily used of the Lord.  They encourage others and pray their sisters through but they themselves seem to attrack men who appear to be good first, yet turn out to be just like the last man they were involved with.

Some women start out well but end badly because they have been played and then become players themselvs.  Some women are sneaking around with married men and even celebrate that he treats her better than his wife.  In some warped say they feel special when married men prefer them, being so desperate they cannot think clearly.

Let me tell you this:  The road to Good Marriage Destiny is actually a series of decisions.  If you sleep with him you could lose him and if you don't sleep with him you might lose him.  What will you do?  If you decide to sleep with someone else's husband you have chosen to release a curse on your own destiny; when and if you get married, your man will be the type to cheat on you.  Be careful, even if the curse does not fall on you, your daughters are watching and learn by your example.

Excerpt from "The Spiritual Fragrance of a Woman" by Jerone L. Davison

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