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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Guarding the Gates of the Soul in Loneliness

The gates of your soul include your eyes, ears and mouth. While it’s true we should guard the gates to our soul at all times, it is especially true during times of loneliness and isolation because it is then when we tend to fall prey to the lies of the enemy. Consider what you feeding your spirit by evaluating what you are watching and listening to on a daily basis. Your entertainment choices can wreak havoc on your state of mind.

When you are feeling lonely be sure you don’t starve your spirit. Remember what you feed will grow, so feed your spirit and not your flesh.

Also, be sure to speak life because your words are powerful. Don’t just speak what you feel, but speak what God says about a matter because that’s truth. For example, don’t just keep telling yourself you’re all alone and nobody loves you. Say, Lord I may feel all alone but I know your Word says you love me and that you will never leave me nor forsake me. No matter how you feel, speak life.


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  2. LOVE IT and reading your blog/writings help me with my women's ministry! Keep it going for the KINGDOM!