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Monday, March 5, 2012

#AlltheSingleLadies: Keep it Moving...!

Postponing life until marriage is one of the commonest traps singles can fall into.
You think, "When I'm married I'll do this…" or, "After I get married then I'll finally be happy…"
But marriage may be farther off than you think, and for some of you, marriage may not happen at all. Postponing life can start as a harmless wish but can turn into a self-limiting habit that keeps you from becoming the person God wants you to be.
For most singles, going places and doing things alone can be scary. One of God's best gifts is a good friend who's ready to go on the spur of the moment. Friendships like that have to be cultivated, which means you need to overlook others' faults. When you are honest enough to admit you have faults of your own, you can be forgiving of others. Simply practicing the Golden Rule can strengthen any relationship.
Your life gets bigger every time you trust God and step out in faith. At first you may feel apprehensive, but God can give you the courage you lack.

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